The Finer Things is a Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts distributor in the Houston, TX area. We have thousands of products to choose from for any corporate event such as trade shows, holiday parties, company picnics, awards, rewards, company store programs, safety programs and employee incentives. We have products that can be embroidered, engraved, screen printed, debossed, embossed or silk screened, if there is a way to get your logo on a product, we have it!

Everyone has received an imprinted product at some point, usually it's a pen, a key chain, stress ball or perhaps a t-shirt. Those are some of the industry's biggest sellers even today, but there is so much more out there. We strive to find you that unique product that will let your company stand out at the next event. Something that people would want to keep and use over and over again.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sticky Mania!

Everyone uses sticky notes, how can you not?  Bright colors, shapes and sizes, great to tag a page, leave a note on someone's desk, attract attention to a particular item or document.  Why not give your customers sticky notes with your logo on it, or perhaps a desk caddy that contains sticky notes so that they have to look at your logo every time they need one?  There are hundreds of sticky note options available, these are but a few.  There is even a new "puzzle" sticky note wallet!

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