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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Difference between Marketing and Sales

It is so often these days that Marketing and Sales are thrown into the same category.  While they are closely related, they are actually quite different. 

Marketing is everything you do to get your company name out there for people to see, it can include taking out ads, billboards, handing out brochures, attending trade shows (and having a booth), giving out promotional products, creating a website, blog, etc. 

Sales is what you do to close the deal.  Sales are more often than not something that is done one-on-one.  Calling clients, meetings, lunches, presentations and then writing proposals, following up and closing the sale.  Often times you can add some marketing to your "sales" by handing out an imprinted item with your logo to a client.  Making sure that they have your company information/logo lying around in their office as a reminder of the pending deal that they have with you.

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